An introduction to the Depths

Chapter 1:

An introduction to the Depths

"It was unintentional. I was just walking home after class when I just accidentally tripped. Next thing I knew, I was… there. To be quite honest with you, I don't particularly enjoy talking about it; suddenly being transported to a purgatory of moist carpet and endless yellow wallpaper was a rather traumatising event, and the constant buzzing of the fluorescent lighting only worsened the situation at the time. Hell, I — uh — can still hear it on some days too…"

— Adam Webster, on his 'Dimensional Dissonance', 2004

The Beginning

What you've just read is an excerpt from Biyu Wen's compendium, Stories from Dawn. Cataloguing many people's first, this particular passage documents what is a very common experience in this realm. Abrupt phasing through a seemingly stable environment, unfamiliar hallways of gold, whose size is disproportionate to that of the norm, and deafening sounds that only a seasoned office worker would recognise are many's first venture into the limitless unknown: the Depths.

The Backrooms, a name that the Depths seem to have also taken on in recent times[Citation needed], are a truly bewildering spectacle. We know not of their origin nor of their true nature, as goes with all aberrations of the Expansion; they are but a curious enigma, perhaps even to the themselves, but are simultaneously the new, permanent residence of everyone unlucky enough to have traipsed into here. The Depths — even if one is not willing to admit it as fact/considered beginning and end, infinite and incalculable, boundless yet finite — are now home to those populating them, both familiar and unreachable.


The amber outset — A common sight in the the Depths


Comparing the Depths to aberrations equally as noteworthy would do no justice to their true habitation. They exist in tandem, outside the parameters of the observable universe; in fact, no actual physical space is taken up by this aberration, making it the only known aberrant space which is non-intrusive to humankind. That is to say, no lands have been lost to this calamity.

Such a situation, however, should not be misconstrued as to mean that no danger is posed by the existence of the Depths; the aforementioned phasing currently stands as a consistent threat to the daily lives of the people, with no prevention method having been found as of yet1. In the concrete, it can be assumed that most missing person cases in the modern day are likely due to the Depth's aberrant influence over the worldwide mise en scène.[Citation needed]

Once inside, at its most basic, one will have encountered a cryptogenic downward spiral, with no apparent ending, encapsulating olden human architecture in an incongruous fashion. Said architecture is split up into layers, often following no logical progression, with the only substantial distinct features being that of visual style, theme, and decorative items; no end has been found to these layers, and their precise extent remains but a mystery.

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