Cetacean Plains

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The nature of the Farrago system remains ambiguous, even to us who reside in it. Every second is one where its innards may be modified to an unpredictable degree, directly creating the possibility that any information presented here is incorrect and/or outdated. As such, we'd like to request that you view the contents of this page with reservations, as any probable alteration within the system has the potential to utterly invalidate our work.

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Living Conditions 2/5 Cold and empty sit the forever-expanding plains. While most would call it boring, life in this limspace is bland and uneventful. Most choose to reside in the near but far away Lapsed-Spaces, where, at least, some minute form of stimulation can be found.
Population Density 1/5 Truly encountering another living being is nigh impossible in the Cetacean Plains, for their size creates an environment void of any true interactability. Despite the circumstances, however, clusters of people and entities still form, albeit rarely and forever staying small in size.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 The Cetacean Plains are an unstable and ever-changing Limspace. At any moment, peaks may rupture and ravage into the heavens above, and monstrous canyons may open up to give us a glimpse into the unruly abyss bellow. Furthermore, dead and forgotten Limspaces are absorbed into the system continually, making any poor soul who disrupts their assimilation forever live through a slow and suffocating eternity.
Basset-Fraizier Index 2.333/5 [Outdated/Temp]All who come to this world have had to interact with the static yet dangerous Cetacean Plains in one way or another. Despite that, none have truly reached an unfair end. The Farrago system keeps everyone in its grasp nourished and undying, actively denying the wishes of many of its inhabitants. Whether death is even possible in this realm remains unknown, for none have yet to taste it. Blessing or curse, people and entities alike carry on with what most would disagree is life within Farrago.


Pure white stillness — ever-lasting yet unchanging.


One of the many peaks within the Cetacean Plains. Note the discoloration of certain areas.

> The Anarchic Fields

One cannot begin to describe this land without mentioning the off-white marble that adorns its imposing flooring. With little to no variation, it lays perfectly flat and even, unfortunately giving an exceedingly banal view to the terrain. A remarkable feature of this monotony, however, is the immeasurable size of the flatland, whose edges have eluded us to this very date. Covering most of Farrago's terra firma, the Cetacean Plains currently stand as the most extensive limspace within the system.

Responsible for the limspace's namesake, the sky above sits at a cetacean hue, with no true illuminating features being present at all times. Despite such conditions, however, the marbled plain remains lit enough to the extent of allowing visibility, creating an incongruous "shadowless" effect on the surroundings. Of course, such an effect is directly exclusive to the natural environment1, which means that, on the condition that one was an intrusive entity, they would possess a shadow as is normal in Baseline reality2. As such, a certain dissonance is created between the visual style of one's own body and the neighbouring setting.

[Minor Temp]Spread apart in the endless reaches of the Cetacean Plains are high peaks and ranges that pierce into the unilluminated ether with their tall heights and fierce edges. Sculpted out of cold earth, they are of much concern/enthusiasm to the ordinary soul, being the visual stimulation the unchanging Plains tend to lack. In contrast to the extruding summits, deep, wide ravines and chasms tear through the Plains' skin, reaching depths unbeknownst to mankind. We dare not explore such darkened abysses, for a safe exit is unassured and uncertain.

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