Cetacean Plains

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On the 30th of December, 2011, multiple pages cataloguing a Limspace System named "Farrago" were discovered in the archives, dating back to the late 2000s. In addition, documents referencing this system were found alongside the personal writings of many a prominent archivist. Despite such thorough archiving, however, not a single member of the archives is able to recollect anything about this realm or subjects associated with it1. Attempts to contact the authors of these articles have proven futile, and the page contents are yet to be confirmed. [The following text is but a mere sample of all the total information known.]

[le system description…]




The nature of the Farrago system remains ambiguous, even to us who reside in it. Every second is one where its innards may be modified to an unpredictable degree, directly creating the possibility that any information presented here is incorrect and outdated. As such, we'd like to request that you view the contents of this page with reservations, as any probable alteration within the system has the potential to utterly invalidate our work.

The following text was authored on the 29th of November, 2009.

Living Conditions 2/5 While most would call it melancholic, life in this limspace is, simply put, bland and uneventful. Resources are scarce to non-existent, and the airy terrain offers no expiations to the wandering soul. Most choose to reside in the near but faraway Lapsed-Spaces, where, at least, some minute form of stimulation can be found.
Population Density 1/5 Truly encountering another living being is nigh impossible in the Cetacean Plains, for their size creates an environment void of any true interactability. Despite the circumstances, however, clusters of people and entities still form, albeit rarely and forever staying small in size.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 The Cetacean Plains are an unstable and ever-changing Limspace. At any moment, peaks may rupture and ravage into the heavens above, and monstrous canyons may open up to give us a glimpse into the unruly abyss bellow. Furthermore, dead and forgotten Limspaces are absorbed into the system continually, making any poor soul who disrupts their assimilation live through a slow and suffocating death.
Overview All who have come to this realm have had to interact with the Cerulean Plains in one way or another. Familiarizing oneself with it and its contents is a must if survival is a want. Dealing with starvation should be anyone's first priority upon assimilation. Be on constant watch to any potential Limspace integrations.


Pure white stillness — ever-lasting yet unchanging.


One of the many peaks within the Cetacean Plains. Note the discoloration of certain areas.

> The Anarchic Fields

One cannot begin to describe this land without mentioning the off-white marble that adorns its flooring. With little to no variation, it lays perfectly flat and even, unfortunately creating an exceedingly banal view to the open air terrain. A remarkable feature of this monotony, however, is the immeasurable size of the flatland, whose edges have eluded us to this very date. Covering most of Farrago's terra firma, the Cetacean Plains currently stand as the most extensive limspace within the system.

Responsible for the limspace's namesake, the sky above sits at a cetacean hue, with no true illuminating features being present in the dark expanse. Despite such conditions, however, the marbled plain remains lit enough to the extent of allowing visibility, creating a certain ascian effect on the surroundings. Said effect is exclusive to the natural environment2, which means that, on the condition that one was an intrusive entity, they would possess a shadow as is normal in Baseline reality3. As such, a certain dissonance is created between the visual style of one's own body and the neighbouring setting.

"The presence of air itself proves to be an enigma, with any form of wind or wind resistance being non-existent. Additionally, despite how such an effect would normally transpire in Baseline, no vacuum seems to form in areas where one would assume that air would gather, suggesting that, even if not the air we are all familiar with, some type of gaseous substance exists to take its place. In contrast, beings that require respiration to live are able to do so without any trouble, and vocal communication can happen without noticeable differences, creating a paradox of sorts, which, as a natural consequence, furthers our confusion on the matter. A crucial aspect to note is the fact that this phenomenon is exclusive to the Cetacean Plains and their systemic neighbours. All Lapsed-Spaces that contain the potential for air seem, in some measure, to hold true to Baseline's rules for air drag which proves, from what we can discern, that these spaces hold some form of independence from Farrago."

Spread apart in the endless reaches of the Cetacean Plains are high peaks and ranges that pierce into the unilluminated ether with their tall heights and fierce edges. Sculpted out of the cold earth, they are of much concern to the ordinary soul, being the visual stimulation the Plains tend to lack. In contrast to the extruding summits, deep, wide ravines and chasms can also be observed tearing through the Plains' skin, reaching depths unbeknownst to us. We dare not explore such darkened abysses, for a safe exit is unassured and uncertain4.

[the forming of the areas mentioned above, weird discoloration, difficulty creating due to life, almost like a memory…]

[mention of forgone limspaces, basic introduction of them, atmospheric build-up, assimilation…]A certain measure of disharmony is created upon the assimilation of a foregone limspace, differing in results depending on whether said limspace is decayed or vestigial.

[effects on native residents, memory loss, no history, new articles in the archives found…]

[transitionary sentence/paragraph…]

> Systemic Pillars

On occasion, one might come across what we've dubbed as "vestiges". Solitary relics originating in interspace, they are scarcely scattered throughout the marbled Plains, often discolouring the pure white landscape. Appearance often, though it has been noted that they ordinarily take after common baseline items and/or objects. Unlike their earthly counterparts, however, vestiges can heavily vary in size, with some reaching heights only dreamt of by conversant architects.

A most notable aspect of some of these vestiges, in total juxtaposition to Baseline rationale, is how they interact with the surrounding environment. Ranging from slight visual alterations to majorly contorting the spacetime continuum, such artifacts are an integral part of the day-to-day life of Farrago's residents. Without them, life in the Farrago system would fair much differently.

Noteworthy Vestiges
Vestige Property Use
Central Clockwork Imposing a temporal dimension upon the Farrago system. Records dating to before the Central Clockwork's appearance describe a land where meeting your past self isn't as unlikely as one would think. Today, its face is used to chronicle the passage of time.[Might just make this a standalone page, with its categorisation being a central point/confusion
Grand Highway Spatial Compression. The Grand Highway allows one to traverse the Cetacean Plains without having to endure its vast distances. A true blessing for the Lost.

"Everyone travels for different reasons, but most are just lost, forever searching for some unobtainable ambition or dream, until they simply rot away to the nothing that surrounds them. A perfect showcase of the human spirit; fighting to live in a world totally indifferent to you, only to kill yourself in the process."

"A pity."

The Child, 'Desiderium'.

On the other end of the extreme, it is a common phenomenon for the few that choose to wander this wasteland to utilise artifacts of larger size as waypoints for travel, creating natural traffic routes between notable areas and Lapsed-spaces as a result. Activity in said traffic routes is immense when compared to other areas of the system, with some of the most actives ones averaging out at 8 to 10 people per cycle5.

[the lost's uniqueness, memory alteration of bygones, always have been there, unknown time of entrance…]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

> Disappearing History

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[mention of entire limspaces disappearing, bygones acting as if they were never even there…]

[alterations to the system itself, how it has affected the people…]

> Population Count

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[introduction of the Lost, name of its member, unique attributes…]

[general description of bygones, uniqueness of memories, behaviour and the such…]

[closing paragraph…]

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