Empty Tales

Aria Glinsdail was the first one to speak up, stating that an expedition to the Highlands would be too dangerous to even attempt. "To even make a suggestion is blasphemy towards the Holy Empire!"' she roared, agitated at the incompetence of the other Captains. "Sir Hethsworth, I simply must insist that you deny this foolish proposal!" Aria begged in hopes of preventing another senseless slaughter at the hands of the tartarian beasts and heathens.

A wry silence spread throughout the conference rooms, but General Hethsworth's face remained cold as ever.

Mere moments passed, and the atmosphere had become tense enough to cut through. Beads of sweat had started to form on Aria's forehead, but before she had gotten a chance to wipe them off, General Hethsworth looked in her direction and spoke up.

"Miss Glinsdail," he stated, instantaneously sending a wave of nervousness through Aria's body. "Lower yourself. Do not misconstrue your own pride as that of the Empire's. You are a knight first and foremost; to insult one of your fellows is to insult the whole Order, including yourself. Show some humility when acting as a Captain."

Aria had no reply to this, only looking down to the floor in shame. She had disappointed the General, and that was a sin with no expiations.

Now looking towards everyone, General Hethsworth spoke up once more, this time with timbre strong enough to resonate throughout the entire conference room: "We leave at dawn. Make sure everything is ready before then." he put coldly, with no hint of an emotion visible on his face; it was now obvious to everyone present that the General had planned this from the very beginning. "But, Sir!" one of the head assistants shouted, pleading in tone, "The soldiers are not —". "The soldiers can handle themselves just fine. We can delay this no longer…" the General cut in, now with some force behind his tone. No-one dared to reply, now feeling worried for the first time since they had entered the space. Giving no chance for this sense of unease to disappear, General Hethsworth headed for the exit of the conference room, the door slamming shut on his way out.

"Still cold as ever, huh?"

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