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In today's world, many take the gifts of the universe for granted. Gravity, thermodynamics, the spacetime continuum, and the overall laws of physics are quite the nice things to have when you have to get to work in the morning. There is, however, one minor misconception about such subjects: they are no laws; they are but mere guidelines that everything simply chooses to follow.

Below you will find a collection of writings, cataloguing the great aberrations that chose to disrupt the flow of the world. These spaces are no heaven, and they offer no refuge from the gentle indifference of the universe; they are what stopped humanity in its tracks. Should you encounter one of these aberrations in your day-to-day life, we hope this library will aid you in surviving the cruelty of these spaces.




> Defying space:

"If you're less fortunate than even a fool, forsaken by God and thrown away by the universe, you'll be banished and thrown into the grand abyss that is purgatory, without ever getting a chance to revolt. Welcome to the Depths, where you'll find yourself in an approximate infinity of never-ending yellow-wallpapered rooms and moistened carpet. Don't attempt to find an exit; struggling will only kill you faster…"

Above is transcribed a commonly uploaded on web forums "copypasta", often used to give a cheap scare to those unacquainted with either aberrant phenomena or the Depths themselves. Despite the exceedingly literary wording used, make no mistake: the Depths are real and a highly worrying existence. Yet, despite the danger they pose, the Depths are passive, almost inactive in the way that they interact with the world; one shall surely hope that this remains a permanent gesture…

Archives of the Abyss

Bringing hidden knowledge to the forefront.



> Piercing into the heavens:

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